AIA home cinema highlights

Real 3D Sound

Real 3D Sound

Get the amazingly realistic 3D world of sound from Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D or DTS:X in your home theater. These cinema formats of the future complete the sound experience with the still missing dimension of height. As in real-life sound surrounds you from all sides, completely envelops you and lets you immerse yourself so even deeper into the performance. ASCENDO Immersive Audio supports all immersive audio formats.


Crystal Clear Dynamics

Maximum audio performance with perfect timing and extremely high performance. Each loudspeaker has its own amplifier with 1 kilowatt system performance. Coupled with custom-designed high-performance drivers and integrated digital sound processor (DSP), they provide an impressive sound-quality with breathtaking dynamics. Coaxial design makes for an excellent sound and uncompromising speech intelligibility.

Real-time streaming

Real-time Streaming

ASCENDO Immersive Audio presents the world's first AVB-enabled cinema surround system. AVB is the networking standard for the next generation. A superior method, high-definition audio and video signals perfectly synchronized and lossless streaming through the modernized Ethernet. From any point to any, a standard network cable will suffice. In addition, each speaker can be controlled actively via AVB.

Home theater control

Smart Operation

No matter how many speakers there are installed in your home theater, you can operate and control the entire audio system easily, clearly and centrally via a graphical user interface on your tablet or your smart-phone. Every movie, every concert recording has a different mix, volume, bass, effects ... Tune in every sound nuance during playback to suit your personal preferences or save the settings for your favorite movies and music.

Modular home theater

Boundless Joy

ASCENDO Immersive Audio provides a modular solution and can thus be adapted exactly to the desired requirements. Large systems up to the full 64-channel Dolby Atmos cinema can be realized in which hundreds of audio channels can be streamed simultaneously in the same network. The system also offers the option of home automation solutions such as Crestron or AMX integration to control functions such as lighting, heating or screen.

Home theater installation

Ease of Installation

ASCENDO Immersive Audio introduces a new network technology that reduces the amount of cable to a minimum. Only a power cable and a standard CAT5 network cable are needed per speaker. AVB transmits hundreds of high resolution audio channels over a single cable. Even large projects can be quickly and easily implemented. Compared with usual audio / video infrastructure it reduces installation time by over 80 % and reduces installation errors to zero.

Made in Germany

Future made in Germany

ASCENDO Immersive Audio is the answer to the growing demand for flexible, unlimited expandable, reliable and cost-effective solutions for truly luxurious home entertainment. It combines the extreme high quality of exclusively in Germany developed and produced speakers with the future-proof technology of AVB networking. The system is compatible with all existing and future streaming services.

Space-saving home cinema

Energy-Saving & Efficiency

The biggest power speaker system with the smallest power consumption. The extremely low power consumption in standby mode and the high operating efficiency reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional systems. Latest generation of Class D amplifiers drive the speakers and subwoofer. The loudspeakers are passively cooled, so no need for noisy and unreliable fans. The silent solution protects the environment and maximizes the listening enjoyment.

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