Future of home cinema - the idea behind

Home cinema

Palpable natural 3D cinema sound meets intelligent network technology.

ASCENDO Immersive Audio thinks the truly luxurious home theater to an end. It combines stunningly lifelike cinema with a convenient network-based control. The coaxial high-end speakers made in Germany are the first fully active, AVB-compatible and DSP-controlled surround system in the world. It is predestined for perfect playback of 3D sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X which support the movies and music by shockingly spatial sound. Sounds dissolve from the screen and immerse the viewer completely. Never was home theater so realistic.

ASCENDO Immersive Audio introduces with AVB tomorrow's network technology in today's home theater sector. High-definition audio / video signals could stream directly from the hard drive or the integrated Blu-ray drive to the specific loudspeaker channels of the theater system. The Ethernet-based AVB connection simplifies cabling and installation costs dramatically. It also allows the smart management of films and control of all parameters with a tablet or smartphone. ASCENDO Immersive Audio is the world's best home entertainment solution of the future for the ambitious user, perfectly integrateable into any interior design.

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