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Demo Theater My Sound

New reference cinema - My Sound

Best of all worlds

Located at the beautiful lake Starnberg an AIA dealer My Sound opened a new reference cinema with 29 active AIA AVB network loudspeakers.

This dream home-cinema was realized with one goal in mind. Only the best components will be used. It is obvious, one can see and hear it immediately. In every way – absolutely outstanding.

New Demokino at Cosse GmbH: Fantastic theater with 15.000 W sinus

Already in the Dolby 5.1 surround format the enormously authentic, powerful and spatial sound of this dream cinema excites numerous visitors.

The perfect timing is immediately noticeable, especially when playing music content. And precisely this perfection makes the big difference between "Sounds almost like live and sounds like lifelike."

Even more realistic is the perceived immersiveness with Dolby Atmos content. The authenticity, with which the 15 fully networked and active speakers reproduce the immersive audio movie formats is terrific.

  • Front: 3 x CCRM12 and 4 x SMSG15
  • Side: 2 x CCRM6
  • Back: 2 x CCRM6
  • Ceiling: 2 x CCRM6

This stunning theater...

... is equipped with 22 x CCRM6, 6 x CCRM12, 2 x SMS15, 2 x SMSG15 and a 13.1 Mesa Auro 3D processor. The performance of this fantastic cinema has 32,000 W sinus. Tremendous momentum and deepest controlled bass with perfect speech intelligibility characterize the exceptional sound. The space is completely unique and hard to distinguish from reality yet.
Also this cinema already enjoys absolute reference status.

Besproke furniture for Cinema

Bespoke furniture for Cinema and Hifi containing a 5kW 4.1 AIA speaker setup.

Despite the small size, this custom built 4.1 cinema system features 5,000 watts of power with no extra rack space needed. This system can play even extremely high audio levels, which are reproduced effortlessly. The resolution and dynamic ability of this exceptional movie theater are breathtaking.

During the development, AIA optimized the system for an immaculate speech intelligibility and perfect timing behavior.

Exactly this combination of superb intelligibility, time behavior and enormous power is unequaled, which make the reproduction of any music (stereo and multichannel) absolutely fascinating. The developed AIA technology can solve the most difficult acoustical problems.

The photo show the bespoke furniture without cover grills.

Another stunning immersive audio project with...

... 32 active dsp speakers, 32 kW of audio power and fully networked audio distribution based on the emerging Ethernet AVB standard gives an outstanding cinema experience.The system is equipped with a 32 channel Dolby Atmos processor and the 13.1 Mesa Auro 3D processor. The support for both major immersive audio standards was a technical challenge that is very elegantly solved with the All-Ethernet audio distribution that actually realized a virtual 48in/32out matrix.

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