Home theater technology


The speaker becomes the source. ASCENDO Immersive Audio for the first time makes it possible to distribute audio and video data via an integrated Ethernet-based AVB network directly to the speakers. The transmission is digital throughout. Compared to analog solutions this system is much more flexible easier and less expensive to implement even for large 3D cinemas. Movies and all sound parameters can be controlled centrally and managed in real-time via tablet or smart phone.

These speakers are pure listening pleasure. The superior Coaxial Cinema Reference Monitors (CCRM) bring the currently best theater sound to your home. As a true point source they play at each listening position with correct timing, extremely homogeneous and produce a remarkably three-dimensional sound image. From low to very high frequencies, even the most complex signals are reproduced with highest resolution, dynamic and without audible distortion. CCRM speakers are the first AVB Ethernet compatible theater speakers around the world. Each speaker has its powerful DSP. All settings can be performed wirelessly over the network.

The fully active Seismic Monitor Series (SMS) are designed to complement the CCRM speaker series or work with any demanding system without compromise. They are designed for ultra-precise yet rich bass. If required the SMS Subwoofer easily shakes a room with great might and authority. The extremely powerful subwoofer satisfies the most discriminating listener with dynamics, sound pressure and playback quality. Depending on the size of the installation our SMS series subwoofers can be combined and expanded as needed. They are ideally suited for modern 3D surround applications based on Dolby Atmos Auro-3D or DTS:X. As the CCRM speakers, the SMS can be controlled wirelessly via tablet or smart phone.

Control your home theater smarter. A clear and easy to use graphical user interface makes the control via tablet or smartphone a pleasure. All desirable parameters can be adjusted in real time while the movie is playing, other worlds first!

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