Multichannel surround sound systems

5.1 setup

With a traditional 5.1 ASCENDO Immersive Audio system you manage to enter the home theater world. It offers an excellent movie and music enjoyment. A 5.1 setup separates the sound into a total of six channels. Five main speakers provide the spatial distribution of the sound. These speakers cover the full frequency spectrum. Another channel is reserved for the so-called low frequency effects covered by the subwoofer. (5.2 and 5.4 sets possess two or four subwoofers.)

7.1 setup

7.1 surround systems improve the surround sound experience. Using two additional speakers – each positioned centrally on both sides between the front and rear boxes. This allows for better tracking of individual sounds in the acoustic space. The 7.1 setups come already quite close to a full surrounding sound space (7.2 systems send the bass accordingly to two subwoofers).

5.1 Multichannel Surround Sound System

Sample configurations

Surround-Sound CCRM6 CCRM12 SMS15 SMSG15
5.1 Set 5 x 1 x
5.2 Set 5 x 2 x
5.4 Set 5 x 4 x
7.1 Set 7 x 1 x
7.2 Set 7 x 2 x
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