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Cinema Deluxe AIA Presentation and Test Cinema in Ansbach

With regard to volume and dynamics, there are no limits to the system. For example, the rocket launch from "Interstellar" sounds as if you stand next to the engine. Nevertheless, also quiet passages make this cinema a unique experience.

Even with compressed sound formats such as Dolby Digital, the single-one point- sources of the coaxial CCRM12 and CCRM6 speakers show their strength: from sand grains over the smallest wind gust to minimum breathing noises, these speakers reproduce every acoustic detail almost scary realistic.

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ART OF SOUND – AIA Demo Theater in Ansbach

Perfect illusion

The realism of an AIA System becomes most obvious with closed eyes. Only when you ignore the distractions of the images on the screen and concentrate on listening alone, you'll be able to fully appreciate the richness and the level of detail in the sound-scape. Quite frankly, who needs 3D images when you can have 3D sound like this?

The beat of the music

Timing is even more important when listening to music because even smallest imperfections can destroy the musicality of any recording. But the AIA system excels here, too. Any music you play through it will shine and find a way under your skin. Listening to music is one thing. But it's feeling the music that really matters!

When the lights come back on, heart and soul are aching for more while the mind is trying to process the recent experience. Stefan Köpf, one of the creators of AIA, sits off to side, smiling knowingly as if to say "See, that's how it's done!" And he is right: This is multi-channel sound as was always meant to be. Can we have some more now, please?

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High End Fun derived from the Home Theater

I knew the man from the stairwell. We greeted each other in a friendly way, and I knew that he worked for the architect's office on the third floor.

However, now he pounded visibly annoyed against the metal door of the LowBeats listening room: "I find it impossible that you play drums during the day." The man, of course, was right! Such a level during normal working time is certainly disturbing our neighborhood.

Review: ASCENDO Loudspeaker System Live 15

Finally – voices! It did not take us long to agree that Sara Bareilles‘ „Brave Enough“ (listened to at almost life-like levels) delivered exactly the right mood and intensity. The boys kept wondering again and again „Are you dumb now, buddy...?!“ (in German/Bavarian „Bist Du deppert…?!“ – editors note: emphasis must be on the first word ...). This exclamation of delight was the common sense on what we had experienced.

In a nutshell

Ascendo’s approach of transforming the subwoofer from their already existing home theatre range into a full range HiFi speaker by adding a matching coaxial unit works greatly. The blend of these two units into one “box” results in a highly addictive stereophonic sound. Is this statement of mine more of a threat or more of a promise? Well, listen and decide for yourself … !

AIA: Best Sound of Show – HIGH END in Munich

The most impressive demonstration of the HIGH END 2016 took place in room E214 and operated eye, ear and belly simultaneously. Here namely, Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA) built together with partners from Barco, Screen Research and Kaleidescape a real room-in-room movie theater - similar to the Ascendo demo cinema in Ansbach. The exhibition cinema was at least 35 square meters, for all new surround formats (especially Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D) furnished and of course completely darkened. Since the speakers were all placed behind the curtains and the screen, shooting pictures was real mischief. But Stefan Köpf, the managing director of AIA, counted me the individual active speakers. And there were a lot: 4 Subwoofer type SMSG15, 5 Front Speaker Type CCRM12 and 13 surround speaker type CCRM6. So all together 22 speakers with a corresponding power of the internal power amplifier of 22,000 watts RMS.

Without visitors knowing how much high tech slumbered in secret here; they sensed well what this great cinema would offer. Before the door anyway was always a large queue, and it took several attempts to get inside. However, the wait was worth the while. Inside the Ascendo's Stefan Köpf and Jürgen Scheuring had perhaps hung a bit too much Molton, because the attenuation was quite strong. This did not diminish the experience. The image was cracking sharp, the sound somewhat attenuated, but very direct, clear and highly dynamic. Each demo ended with Metallica in Dolby Atmos (Through The Never). The vivid 3D imaging of individual sound events was nothing short of sensational. The powers with which the bass was pressed into the room made the bass drum, and bass sounded completely undistorted. Such an experience just can't happen with stereo HiFi.

第一张带有DTS:X音频格式蓝光光碟躺在播放器里,导演Guillermo del Torro使劲浑身解数,运用音画的各种手段,令我们感到毛骨悚然。

重低音一直发出带有威胁感的低频率咆哮,营造出一种令人毛骨悚然的恐怖气氛。沉沉的低音波流淌在房间中,逐渐浸入人的骨髓。我们所选择的设置使重低音喇叭能够下降到最低的八度音程,凭借封闭式结构和绰绰有余的功率,喇叭的性能可以随时控制,并且表现干净不拖泥带水。恰在音量较轻的片段,AIA重低音炮的表现令人信服,因为较大的喇叭薄膜能够毫不费力地对微小的电平变化做出反应。如果出现强劲的电平,重低音喇叭会毫不迟疑,立刻劲爆上飙。在表现动感方面,SMS G15展现了无限的能量,它能够将低音波毫无保留地送入音响室,在播放从电影《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路》、《创:战纪》和《明日边缘》中摘选一些片段时,我们尽情地享受,体验美妙音质带来的巨大愉悦感。最后,还从服务器上读取播放了若干小节带有高解析音频数据的音乐。在此,AIA SMSG15重低音喇叭也显示出了极为出众的驾驭力,它能够在音响室中轻松利落地再现出教堂管风琴或低音提琴的最低音域部分。



AIA SMSG15从各个细节上来看,完全是一台专业的重低音炮。它具有强力优越的性能。灵敏忠实地反映任何低音信号,即使在最大音量电平下也表现优秀,不会发生一分一毫的颤抖。




我们推荐有条件的人来安斯巴赫体验一下AIA示范影院和进阶型影院,实地感受这套出色的影音系统。由于影院系统的运行费用和开支庞大,对于许多人来说,负担这样一套系统是不现实的。然而它所能达到的音效也是无与伦比的 – 它绝对是货真价实的真正沉浸式影院系统。

安斯巴赫,2016年3月,德国企业Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA)在顶尖新技术奖(Top New Technology Awards@ISE)的两个单元类别中获得认可:在重低音炮和家庭影院/多用室内音频这两个单元类别中,这位来自南德的音频专家征服了评审,将ISE的奖项带回了家。

Low Beats

影院里出来的美轮美奂的大场面:Ascendo演示了家庭影院项目AIA中的同轴扬声器CCRM 12和重低音炮SMSG 15:我很久都没有听过如此不拖泥带水、响亮且清晰的声音了。或许这台带有PR底座、能够通过手机App应用快速调节智能均衡器的家庭影院扬声器,对于包括我在内的许多人,将是替代传统较低性能扬声器的一台恰当高端产品。


NDHT上至少三种完全不同的设备传递无损听觉享受。在Clearaudio和Ascendo中有集成化置于半开放外壳中的专业驱动器(CCRM12 + SMSG15),能够形成庞大的现场逼真感。