AVS FORUM: ASCENDO Immersive Audio Demo at CEDIA 2016

Ascendo’s system design is interesting because it combines several effective approaches to achieving higher fidelity, ones that I find appealing. For one thing, it is an active system that puts digital decoding and amplification where it belongs, paired with the speaker itself ...

All the specifications in the world don’t mean a thing if speakers don’t sound good in their intended application. In this case, the performance of the Ascendo system vindicated the company’s decision to come to CEDIA. As I watched clips from the movies Mad Max: Fury Road and Gravity, I jotted down the words “reference quality.” Positioning was precise, sounds were clear and bass had physical grip with fine texture.

The Legends of Jazz: Showcase Blu-ray offered a window into the system’s capacity to reproduce music with verisimilitude. I’m a big fan of systems that can effectively disappear, and that’s the experience I got from Ascendo’s first CEDIA demo.

Photo by Mark Henninger

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