LowBeats review of Ascendo Live 15

High End Fun derived from the Home Theater

I knew the man from the stairwell. We greeted each other in a friendly way, and I knew that he worked for the architect's office on the third floor. However, now he pounded visibly annoyed against the metal door of the LowBeats listening room: "I find it impossible that you play drums during the day." The man, of course, was right! Such a level during normal working time is certainly disturbing our neighborhood.

Only, there were no drums, instead four inconspicuous black boxes: two subwoofers SMSG 15 and two satellite loudspeakers CCRM 12, which are soon to be sold as a nice-looking complete loudspeaker called Ascendo Live 15. The architect my neighbor was very surprised and then reconciled: That sounded authentic he mentioned. It is a crux with these speakers; it is difficult to listen to them at a low level. Time and time again, the hand goes to the volume knob and wants to turn it up. Simply, because they remain playing undistorted at every volume level.

A loudspeaker manufacturer, who sold so far absolute high end, introduces now – inspired by the cinema project AIA – a classy loudspeaker with high-performance drivers.

The next morning, I raved to a friend of the Ascendo Live 15, and he came over with a recording, which belongs to one of the most boring recordings what the music history has ever heard: Charly Antolinis "Knock Out." For all those who do not know this recording, Charly is beating the drums rather uninspired just like exercising his drumming. The whole recording, however – that must be said – being taped quite impressive in quality. At least so realistic that my architect's neighbor concluded that I would play there …

But it was obviously not just the recording. It was mainly the incredibly dynamic, very precise performance of the Ascendo. This speaker let the snare-drum sound authentic; the Hi-hats resonate truly metallic, the bass drums so instantly direct and subtly deep into the ear and stomach. I know only a few speakers that have such a clean, energetic and colorful bass range. However, the live qualities of Ascendo Live 15 are not limited to dynamic music. Furthermore, the voice of Nick Cave on his new album Skeleton Tree (CD of the week 37/2016) came wonderfully clear, open, and – I cannot say otherwise: correct. It is this freedom of distortion, which makes the Ascendo Live 15 sounds so natural.

Conclusion Ascendo Live 15: extremely dynamic, authentic and customizable

Stefan Köpf calls the Live 15 a fun speaker. That’s what she is. However, this speaker is much more than just that. The freedom of distortion and the great dynamics ensure a natural reproduction and an authenticity that is rare to find in classic Hi-Fi speakers. And then there is the fact that they are extremely adjustable and have their own amplifiers integrated. Regarding this flexibility, I know of no comparable system to date.

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