Report in 0 db: AIA Demo Theater in Ansbach

Perfect Illusion

The realism of an AIA System become most obvious with closed eyes. Only when you ignore the distractions of the images on the screen and concentrate on listening alone, you'll be able to fully appreciate the richness and the level of detail in the sound-scape. Quite frankly, who needs 3D images when you can have 3D sound like this?

When the lights come back on, heart and soul are aching for more while the mind is trying to process the recent experience. Stefan Köpf, one of the creators of AIA, sits off to side, smiling knowingly as if to say “See, that's how it's done!" And he is right: This is multi-channel sound as was always meant to be. Can we have some more now, please?

Photo: Olaf Adam /

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