World's first fully digital cinema system

AIA presents together with Stormaudio (Auro 3D) the world's first fully digital cinema in Munich during High-End in May.

For the first time ever, the audio data remains in the original digital domain from the source like blueray through the processor, over the network until the active AIA Cinema speakers without any quality loss usually anticipated in analogue conversion.

This technological and sonic quantum leap is presented in a large Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos setup.
Enjoy a breathtaking immersive audio sound experience with over 20 kW of pure performance.
Cinema and audio reproduction has never been so close to the live event.

Enjoy a breathtaking immersive audio sound experience with well over 20,000 watts of power. Cinema has never been so close to a life performance.

SMSG50 with 50” driver

The SMSG50 is the most powerful home cinema subwoofer.
Equipped with a custom built 130Kg 50” (127 cm) bass driver with 13,6” Voicecoil (345 mm) and built in AIA technology, this state of the art sealed subwoofer reproduces completely effortlessly frequencies well below 10 Hz with unparalleled output power and lowest distortion.

Live 15

The presentation of the long awaited Live 15, a speaker to dream of.
Already today – The reference for Live music reproduction – Absolutely superior performance in terms of dynamics and resolution.

MOC München
18.–21. Mai
You find us here: Atrium 4.2 E218

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Live 15 Front

Live 15 Back

SUB 50 Front Perspective

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