Review in audiovision 12-2016

Cinema Deluxe AIA Presentation and Test Cinema in Ansbach

With regard to volume and dynamics, there are no limits to the system. For example, the rocket launch from "Interstellar" sounds as if you stand next to the engine. Nevertheless, also quiet passages make this cinema a unique experience.

Even with compressed sound formats such as Dolby Digital, the single-one point- sources of the coaxial CCRM12 and CCRM6 speakers show their strength: from sand grains over the smallest wind gust to minimum breathing noises, these speakers reproduce every acoustic detail almost scary realistic.

To ensure that those who are interested do not have to trust implicitly, ASCENDO is always welcoming seriously interested customers to experience the demo cinema for themselves. According to Managing Director Stefan Köpf, it takes usually only the extremely immersive 48-second Auro-3D-Track "Fireworks" from the 2014 demonstration disc, to leave a permanent impression.

This applies also to many industry experts, who could hardly describe their experience after visiting. In one point, everyone agrees: the performance is unique, whether it's "Fireworks", action film, romance or live concert.

AIA Demo Theater in Ansbach
AIA Demo Theater in Ansbach
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